Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Reminder on cheque bounce to Cheaters !

The Director
Indian Institute Of Aircraft Engineering
Mahipalpur , New Delhi – 110037

Subject : Cheque given to me as security refund got bounced (Dated - 12th May 2012)

Dear Mr. Ajay Kumar/Mr. AK Yadav,

This is to inform you (though you already know) that the post dated cheque you have issued to me 6 months back in November 2011 has returned unpaid due to insufficient fund (I had to pay the penalty and courier charges to the bank , please notice). The details of the cheque are following

Cheque no : 857618
Bank/Branch : IDBI Bank / Mahipalpur , New Delhi
A/c holders name/Signing person : Indian Institute of Aircraft  Engineering/Mr. Ajay Kumar
Date : 12 / 05 / 2012
Amount : Rs 7000/-

This happening was very disappointing as it had already taken almost 4 years to get this instrument (I passed out in 2008). If I mention the inconveniences faced in this process due to your irresponsible staff , it will be a story.
Now, I would request you to pay me the mentioned amount latest by 10th June or else I will be bound to take a legal action against the institute.
Its a humble request from my side to send this amount through Demand draft, Money Order or Postal Order at following address (No more post dated cheques or current dated cheques, for God's sake please). And please do not ask me to come down and collect the cheque , I have already run atleast 10 times (No, I am not saying in hyperbolic way, I actually ran 10 times, Ms chetna , Ms. Seema and that Account officer know it)

Address for Sending Money:

Mayank Sharma
UP – 201301
Contact no - +91 ##########

or It will be Highly appreciable if you transfer this amount in my Bank account, details mentioned below :

(Account details)

Will be highly obliged for your kind cooperation (Hope this time you co operate)

                                                                                                                       Your's Sincerly
                                                                                                                        Mayank Sharma
                                                                                                                        Batch 18 , Er. No 1805
        Date & Place :                                                                                     Address :
                                                                                                                        Contact no - +91 ##########                


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