Monday, 26 November 2012

Mayank's Fables : Jackal - The commander !

From my Intrinsic Enlightenment

There was a forest and of course , Lion was the king of the jungle. King had many ministers but he trusted the fox most for her acumen. One day the king thought of strengthening his army and to have a robust structure and ranking system like Men had.
So the king called up his fiducial counselor Fox and asked her to suggest a suitable candidate to be the commander - in - chief of army.
"We have such a massive army - a dozen tigers , many elephants , bulls , rhinos , wolves , hyenas , boars , and horses . I think Max , the tiger fits in the role. He is potent and dauntless , more he has experienced many battles so far"  said the lion.

"No No No my lord ! " interrupted the cunning fox "You are mistaken. Tiger is very old now and not snappy anymore. Have you seen the jackal ? he is very quick and clever . He is mighty and brainy and brave. Yesterday only he killed 15 intruders alone while he was patrolling at the border. His valor remains unnoticed because these tigers and elephants are so envious"
"Jackal makes a perfect Major" She added.

Next day Jackal was made the commander of whole jungle army and obviously , because of his poor leadership neighboring emperor acquired the jungle with no effort.

Moral : When king loses his commonsense , Jackals lead the army of tigers.

Mayank's fables : The hounds and the tiger

  from my Intrinsic Enlightenment

Once a rich man bought a grand bungalow for his vacations and desired to have a royal pet for its safety unlike hounds and mastiffs he had for his other mansions. So he kept a tiger as he found it really majestic. Mighty animal was , obviously , very different. Intruders were frightened to see his face and teeth and paws. When a thief tried to lure him by meatballs like he did earlier with hounds , the beast pounced on him and almost crumbled his leg.

But now, after some time our magnate felt that his royal guard was too different from those hounds in other aspects also. He did not greet the guests the way a labra would do, didn't welter in his feet when he opened the door, neither did he sit & wag his tail when his master had his supper. Instead he would be on with his royal walk , inspecting every object and keeping an eye on every affair. Now this capitalist was really aggrieved with this ungrateful conduct of big cat. Needless to say , he replaced him with a labrador.

Moral : If you set a tiger as a guard , it will only watch your property but wouldn't do the other jobs of a hound. Not because he is not faithful, but because its not his nature.

Monday, 19 November 2012

याददाश्त !

वह दिन अभी भी याद है उसको ,
जब छोड़ा था साथ उसका तुमने ।
चुभा, जला था कुछ दिल में ,
दर्द हुआ , खूं बह निकला
पानी बनकर आँखों से ...

बिगाड़े थे कुछ काम अपने ,
और झल्लाहट में तोड़ दिए थे कुछ सामान .
चिल्लाया , झल्लाया , तड़पा
फिर मुस्करा दिया हौले से
यह सोचकर के कुछ ही दिन की तो बात है 
फिर पछताओगी , तुम फिर आओगी
और एहसास दोबारा जिंदा करेंगे इश्क को ...

 कि वह दिन अभी भी याद है उसको
जब टूटे थे उसके सपने ,
वह स्नेह भी याद रहा उसको ,
जो जन्मा , पला , बढ़ा , फैला 
वो लम्हे , वो यादें , रहना संग संग हर पल हर छन
न भूला , ना भूलेगा वह जाने कब तक

मगर न जाने क्यों
अब ज्यादा याद है उसको
वो जलन , चुभन , तड़पन
वह कमबख्त एकाकीपन ...
वो रोना , चिल्लाना ....
आंसू बहाना ...
खाना न खाना .....
कि अब नहीं चमक आती उसकी आँखों में याद करके तुमको
अलबत्ता आती है बेचैनी , नफरत और बेदर्दी .

बुरा भुलाना नामुमकिन है कुछ भी उसके लिए कभी
अच्छा भुला रहा है धीरे - धीरे ,
और जल्द ही भूल जायेगा रहा - सहा भी .

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