Saturday, 13 October 2012

Taught moral and real moral : 1

Intrinsic Enlightenment lies in actual morals and not in the one we are taught since beginning: 

Once there was a dog sitting in a corner of forest and biting a bone when he noticed a tiger was just behind him. He got scared but then he thought to give his brain a chance. He said loudly to himself - "this tiger was really tasty I just finished. I wonder if I get another one for lunch" Tiger got scared and ran away. He met a monkey on the way who started laughing like hell when tiger told him whole story. Then our Tiger decided to teach that nasty dog a lesson for the life. He returned to dog with the monkey on his back. This over smart dog was still having fun with that piece of bone and it was too late to run till he realized he was in deep shit. But still he didn't give up and gave a shot , said to monkey - "you son of a bitch ! I asked you to bring two tigers for my meals and you are coming with one ? you are fired !!! " Tiger was so terrified that he dropped the monkey off his back and eloped like a rocket. 

TAUGHT MORAL : If you are as wise as dog , you can tackle any problem in life.
ACTUAL MORAL : If you are as dumb as tiger , this world can be-fool you numerous times in a row !!!

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