Thursday, 10 September 2015


 वह भी क्या समय निराला था ,
 तकलीफ ने डेरा डाला था।
जब ठोकर उठा पटकती थी ,
तब एक दूजे को सम्हाला था।

सब एक बिस्तर पर सोते थे,
संग खाते , हँसते, रोते थे।
अरमानों में सबके अम्बर था ,
फिर पंख भले ही छोटे थे।

गिरने न किसी को कभी दिया ,
सुख  साथ जिया , ग़म संग पिया।
हिम्मत से अपनी आजिज़ आ ,
फिर एक दिन दुःख  भी निकल लिया।

सावन आये और  चले गए ,
प्रेमी भी  मिले और छूट गए।
कुछ यार तभी भी संग रहे,
जब दिल  के भी नाते टूट गए।

जो बदतर के भी गवाह रहे ,
और बेहतर के भी साखी हैं।
उनसे संकट में साहस है ,
और  दर्द में हिम्मत बाकी है।

हम साथ रहें  या अलग रहें ,
हम पास रहें या दूर रहें।
रोटी खाएं या बिरयानी,
मुफलिसी सहें , मशहूर रहें।

तुम हो तो न दिल भारी होगा ,
तुम हो तो न दर्द सताएगा।
तुम जहाँ रहो मिलते रहना ,
बाकी सब देखा जाएगा।

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Story of an internal migrant

Thursday, 2 pm
Vikram took a deep breath. "It's not going to work this way" he thought. "I must get a valid license to drive in Delhi" He recalled his days in his hometown in UP where 50 & 100 rupee notes were driving licenses for bike & car respectively. He wished the things were same in Delhi.
Vikram is a Manager in Delhi who belongs to a small town in UP. He has been in Delhi for past 10 years and has changed the same no of accommodations in this time, crazy bachelor life! Finally he is going to buy a small car, and of course he needs a ‘Valid’ driving license for that. He already holds a license which allows him to drive from a bike to a 20 wheel truck but it’s not a valid one – his date of birth on the document shows him 1 year older than he is and that’s the trouble. He has tried incalculable tricks to get a Delhi license but they didn’t work. “A resident of UP can’t get a DL in Delhi and they talk about One India - United India, what a farce” he mumbled, as he walked towards Boss’s cabin to ask for a Monday leave. He needs to present a valid reason to take a 'casual' leave from his quota of 20 . sucks !

Saturday, 7 pm
Vikram is hammering on the keyboard in an attempt to finish the reports fast. He needs to reach ISBT by 9 to get the bus to Bareilly. From there he’ll take another bus to reach his hometown. Usually you will get a bus to Bareilly every 15 minutes, but Vikram can’t just take any bus. He is an internal migrant, a small town guy settled in capital. He has booked a Volvo and called a cab to drop him to ISBT. “It’s not a matter of luxury but need” he always told his Maa every time she yelled at him for such expenses. “My work is tiring enough, It’s not about giving 2 lectures in college and you’re done for the day” He said as he banged the phone. He never hesitated to reel in his lecturer father’s comfortable life to explicate the formidable picture of his lifestyle.
His phone blinked. Cab has arrived. He must leave now. He starts to wrap up facilely as he doesn’t want the cab to charge for waiting.

Sunday , 5 am
Vikram has just reached his hometown. His father owns a home in this town but no one stays there except a couple of tenants. He has the keys but he is tired enough to open the floor and fix up the home for stay , a house which is locked for over a year.
He ponders over the other options as he puffs a local cigarette. These silly paanwalas of his town don’t have his brand. “Maa has always insisted to visit his Mamaji who puts up in the same town. He’ll be happy to see me. I can enjoy some home cooked food and free stay as long as I wish.” He had almost made his mind and called a rickshaw and hopped into it. It was when he recalled his cousin’s marriage last year. This Mamaji had boiled his blood as he kept asking about his marriage plans.
“Screw it ! ” he said to himself , a sweet box is for 400 , and a room in the best hotel here must not go above 500. “Bhaiyaa , kisi achchhe Hotel le chalo” He barked. It was his birthplace. He owned a property here. He knew the 50% population of the town and there were more than a dozen places he could stay at. But he preferred to spend his time in a lonely room and not to meet any old buddy , teacher , relative or neighbor . He was startled at his own behavior.

Monday , 11 am
“Good morning Mahesh Ji” Vikram uttered as he approached the local RTO office.
Mahesh ji is nothing yet everything in this office. He is an independent agent and running his business here for over 20 years. He is an integral part of the office. RTO employees regard his orders more than those from their bosses. Vikram had got his DL done from Mahesh ji when he was yet 17, it’s just that Delhi Traffic Police call it invalid.
Office has many other integral parts though never mentioned in the papers. A banana tree encircled by sacred threads , Shamsher singh – a giant black dog (no one knows who gave him this secular name) , drawing made on walls by pan and gutkha – an unique color for every type & brand , a herd of cattle roaming free in the premises, chewing the cud & making love. Mahesh ji holds a different importance. Visitors can’t ignore him like poor animals & objects.
Mahesh ji didn’t respond. He was busy with some other work. Vikram stood aside and waited. Maheshji was taking test of an applicant. He takes test of all the applicants before the form is processed. one can skip these tests by paying a small fee which he calls Suvidha shulk – Convenience fee. Suvidha shulk is completely Justified. If one considers it bribe, most certainly it’s their mistake. Colleges take donations and admit the students who couldn’t qualify the entrance, you can always pay extra to temple and get into the VIP queue, you get your train & air tickets on a short notice by paying little extra.
This fellow didn’t understand Mahesh Ji’s hint for Suvidha Shulk . So Maheshji asked him to come after a couple of days.
“Its written there on the website that I can get it done in 2 hours” argued the fellow.
Maheshji threw a clever smile “Babuji is in hurry, let me do his work first” he stood up and pointed towards a red wagon R parked in the compound “drive it out and park it again at the same place” The man hesitated. He had never touched the steering wheel in his life. Yet he moved towards the vehicle with heavy steps. Mahesh ji got his nerve; he was crocodile of this ocean. “Leave the room gentlemen, he is a pilot” he yelled with sarcasm, making the path clear for him. The guy was ashamed enough to turn the ignition on. He came out grinning with embarrassment – “who asks you to give a demo for learning license? It’s required when you come to renew the license. It’s written there on the website that….” He went on but Mahesh ji had got busy with others. He doesn’t have time for petty things, he is an important person.

Vikram moved forward and told him his business. He’ll get it done. The learning document will reach at his address in 4 working days and a month later he would need to come and get it renewed. Vikram got the hint, “Kharcha bolo” he uttered the two most important words. Mahesh ji glanced at him and learned that he was an ‘internal migrant’. He liked these chaps. They are so professional. He calculated his upcoming expenses in his mind before he told him that it would take 2500 for both learning & pukka license. “ask someone to get the tea” Vikram said as he threw a 1000 Rs note on table. “I ‘ll give you the balance when I come for permanent DL. And yes, I want the photocopy of the document today if not original. I don’t have time to run 100 times for a paper.” People out there, including a police constable, were amazed. Mahesh looked at him, feeling defeated. He didn’t have guts to return the money or yell at Vikram for his audacity. Vikram felt better, he looked at the guy who couldn’t drive. Poor man was still there, he just hoped that the guy understood how to get things done here.
                                                What happened later until Vikram got the document is not worth writing. Summarily, he kept sipping tea and puffing cigarettes while Mahesh did all the running. He had to move his ass once to get his photo clicked. “Here you go” Mahesh said as he handed him the photo copy of the driving license. Vikram checked the time. “75 minutes! I must say you guys are some thing. Bhai sahib told me that as per website, it’ll take 2 hours to process. 45 minutes to deadline and I already hold the DL” he said as he winked at the poor man & guffawed. Mahesh shared the laughter with him. He didn’t get the sarcasm, but the poor man did. He walked up to the Mahesh & asked – “What is the total Kharcha?”

Monday, 26 November 2012

Mayank's Fables : Jackal - The commander !

From my Intrinsic Enlightenment

There was a forest and of course , Lion was the king of the jungle. King had many ministers but he trusted the fox most for her acumen. One day the king thought of strengthening his army and to have a robust structure and ranking system like Men had.
So the king called up his fiducial counselor Fox and asked her to suggest a suitable candidate to be the commander - in - chief of army.
"We have such a massive army - a dozen tigers , many elephants , bulls , rhinos , wolves , hyenas , boars , and horses . I think Max , the tiger fits in the role. He is potent and dauntless , more he has experienced many battles so far"  said the lion.

"No No No my lord ! " interrupted the cunning fox "You are mistaken. Tiger is very old now and not snappy anymore. Have you seen the jackal ? he is very quick and clever . He is mighty and brainy and brave. Yesterday only he killed 15 intruders alone while he was patrolling at the border. His valor remains unnoticed because these tigers and elephants are so envious"
"Jackal makes a perfect Major" She added.

Next day Jackal was made the commander of whole jungle army and obviously , because of his poor leadership neighboring emperor acquired the jungle with no effort.

Moral : When king loses his commonsense , Jackals lead the army of tigers.

Mayank's fables : The hounds and the tiger

  from my Intrinsic Enlightenment

Once a rich man bought a grand bungalow for his vacations and desired to have a royal pet for its safety unlike hounds and mastiffs he had for his other mansions. So he kept a tiger as he found it really majestic. Mighty animal was , obviously , very different. Intruders were frightened to see his face and teeth and paws. When a thief tried to lure him by meatballs like he did earlier with hounds , the beast pounced on him and almost crumbled his leg.

But now, after some time our magnate felt that his royal guard was too different from those hounds in other aspects also. He did not greet the guests the way a labra would do, didn't welter in his feet when he opened the door, neither did he sit & wag his tail when his master had his supper. Instead he would be on with his royal walk , inspecting every object and keeping an eye on every affair. Now this capitalist was really aggrieved with this ungrateful conduct of big cat. Needless to say , he replaced him with a labrador.

Moral : If you set a tiger as a guard , it will only watch your property but wouldn't do the other jobs of a hound. Not because he is not faithful, but because its not his nature.

Monday, 19 November 2012

याददाश्त !

वह दिन अभी भी याद है उसको ,
जब छोड़ा था साथ उसका तुमने ।
चुभा, जला था कुछ दिल में ,
दर्द हुआ , खूं बह निकला
पानी बनकर आँखों से ...

बिगाड़े थे कुछ काम अपने ,
और झल्लाहट में तोड़ दिए थे कुछ सामान .
चिल्लाया , झल्लाया , तड़पा
फिर मुस्करा दिया हौले से
यह सोचकर के कुछ ही दिन की तो बात है 
फिर पछताओगी , तुम फिर आओगी
और एहसास दोबारा जिंदा करेंगे इश्क को ...

 कि वह दिन अभी भी याद है उसको
जब टूटे थे उसके सपने ,
वह स्नेह भी याद रहा उसको ,
जो जन्मा , पला , बढ़ा , फैला 
वो लम्हे , वो यादें , रहना संग संग हर पल हर छन
न भूला , ना भूलेगा वह जाने कब तक

मगर न जाने क्यों
अब ज्यादा याद है उसको
वो जलन , चुभन , तड़पन
वह कमबख्त एकाकीपन ...
वो रोना , चिल्लाना ....
आंसू बहाना ...
खाना न खाना .....
कि अब नहीं चमक आती उसकी आँखों में याद करके तुमको
अलबत्ता आती है बेचैनी , नफरत और बेदर्दी .

बुरा भुलाना नामुमकिन है कुछ भी उसके लिए कभी
अच्छा भुला रहा है धीरे - धीरे ,
और जल्द ही भूल जायेगा रहा - सहा भी .

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Taught moral and real moral : 1

Intrinsic Enlightenment lies in actual morals and not in the one we are taught since beginning: 

Once there was a dog sitting in a corner of forest and biting a bone when he noticed a tiger was just behind him. He got scared but then he thought to give his brain a chance. He said loudly to himself - "this tiger was really tasty I just finished. I wonder if I get another one for lunch" Tiger got scared and ran away. He met a monkey on the way who started laughing like hell when tiger told him whole story. Then our Tiger decided to teach that nasty dog a lesson for the life. He returned to dog with the monkey on his back. This over smart dog was still having fun with that piece of bone and it was too late to run till he realized he was in deep shit. But still he didn't give up and gave a shot , said to monkey - "you son of a bitch ! I asked you to bring two tigers for my meals and you are coming with one ? you are fired !!! " Tiger was so terrified that he dropped the monkey off his back and eloped like a rocket. 

TAUGHT MORAL : If you are as wise as dog , you can tackle any problem in life.
ACTUAL MORAL : If you are as dumb as tiger , this world can be-fool you numerous times in a row !!!

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Reminder on cheque bounce to Cheaters !

The Director
Indian Institute Of Aircraft Engineering
Mahipalpur , New Delhi – 110037

Subject : Cheque given to me as security refund got bounced (Dated - 12th May 2012)

Dear Mr. Ajay Kumar/Mr. AK Yadav,

This is to inform you (though you already know) that the post dated cheque you have issued to me 6 months back in November 2011 has returned unpaid due to insufficient fund (I had to pay the penalty and courier charges to the bank , please notice). The details of the cheque are following

Cheque no : 857618
Bank/Branch : IDBI Bank / Mahipalpur , New Delhi
A/c holders name/Signing person : Indian Institute of Aircraft  Engineering/Mr. Ajay Kumar
Date : 12 / 05 / 2012
Amount : Rs 7000/-

This happening was very disappointing as it had already taken almost 4 years to get this instrument (I passed out in 2008). If I mention the inconveniences faced in this process due to your irresponsible staff , it will be a story.
Now, I would request you to pay me the mentioned amount latest by 10th June or else I will be bound to take a legal action against the institute.
Its a humble request from my side to send this amount through Demand draft, Money Order or Postal Order at following address (No more post dated cheques or current dated cheques, for God's sake please). And please do not ask me to come down and collect the cheque , I have already run atleast 10 times (No, I am not saying in hyperbolic way, I actually ran 10 times, Ms chetna , Ms. Seema and that Account officer know it)

Address for Sending Money:

Mayank Sharma
UP – 201301
Contact no - +91 ##########

or It will be Highly appreciable if you transfer this amount in my Bank account, details mentioned below :

(Account details)

Will be highly obliged for your kind cooperation (Hope this time you co operate)

                                                                                                                       Your's Sincerly
                                                                                                                        Mayank Sharma
                                                                                                                        Batch 18 , Er. No 1805
        Date & Place :                                                                                     Address :
                                                                                                                        Contact no - +91 ##########